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Whether it’s a full comms audit, looking under every stone to find your communication pathways, or an investigation into the stories that are hiding in your organisation.


I have the experience that you can rely on, backed up by specialist BBC Training.


I can help you with :-

Communications Audits,

Focusing & Strategy,

Story generation,

Audience Identification,

and TargetingMedia Engagement.…

and everything in between.


If there’s a message, a process and an audience I can help.

Crisis communication has changed beyond all recognition in the last 5 years.​​


The old model of locking down and issuing a holding statement has been replaced by the immediacy of social media and rolling news.


The story isn't just featured at the main bulletin, it'll be dissected, and commented on, and pulled and prodded until the next piece of real 'news' appears.​How do you deal with this?


By being ready.


Trough interactive, lively and tailored training I'll help your organisation to identify the probable and prepare for the possible.


I build scenarios to work with, engage your communications teams managers and executives, and give them a valuable insight into what being interviewed in crisis is really like.

Communications Consultancy & Crisis Communications


Successful communication isn’t just about getting the message right; it’s about tone, audience, emotional impact, syntax, timing and your default narrative.


It’s about how the brownian motion of news is affecting your message, it’s about context and it’s about stakeholder involvement...

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