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Media Training for groups and individuals


A good interview doesn’t just happen; it’s a combination of the interviewers' research, their background knowledge, their personal experience and a great understanding of their audience. So it’s a shame that so many interviewees just rock up and wing it…


Traditional media training is about locking down the message and not moving from it, however,  journalism has changed.


The expectations of journalists and audiences have changed.


This is why I approach Media Training from the point of view of the Journalist.


What does the news media want? What are the journalists personal imperatives, and how do they work along side the journalistic imperatives? Why do journalists do what they do; and how does that effect your message?


It's like playing Mornington Crescent - it looks like there are rules but no one will tell you what they are until you've lost the game.


Through looking at the role of the journalist, editor and producer trainees get a rounded picture of the industry and a deeper understanding.


As soon as we start to understand something we stop fearing it.

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