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What I've Done

I spent 16 years as a Broadcast Journalist for the BBC and commercial broadcasters, and in that time I conducted at least 20,000 interviews.


In 2010 I stopped being a BBC Manager, got a Training Qualification and started being a freelance Media & Communications Consultant and Trainer.


Here are some of the things that I've done, and trust me, they are ever-so interesting...


  • Worked internationally in the USA, Switzerland, Qatar & Ireland.

  • Trained tier 1 management in Media skills and made them ‘camera ready’ for national appearances.

  • Taken disparate senior managers and trained them in team cohesion & presentation skills before successfully defending themselves in litigation.

  • Trained tier 1 management in ‘Difficult Questions’ for internal communications ahead of structural change and minimised their reputational damage.

  • Advised international organisations on Crisis Communications, and trained international management in interview technique and presentation skills.

  • Lead successful Webinars with over 1000 attendees & my blogs have been seen by 20,000 people.

  • Coached in personal presentation skills enabling clients to build their reputation as keynote speakers.

  • Investigated and reported on dysfunctional internal communication streams, put in a strategic plan, and helped them implement that plan; the organisation is now market leading.

  • Created strategic media engagement plans for clients who have received favourable national press / TV coverage.

  • Advised senior managers ahead of appearing before Parliamentary Select Committees, and created brand appropriate messages.

  • Advised on Intranet use, internal communications streams & staff engagement.

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